Film note: Sex by Moonlight I've made my peace with the disappointing and sexless second-to-last shot in Barry Jenkins' otherwise satisfying and stirring triptych, Moonlight, not because of the film's deserved but bizarrely won Best Picture Oscar, nor because I've changed my mind about that shot's coyness or its misguided minimization of gay male desire. No, it's because I'm comforted to discover I'm not the only … Continue reading Film note: Sex by Moonlight

Film review: Velociraptor Down below, there be spoilers. Go watch the movie! Velociraptor Written and directed by Chucho E. Quintero Mexico, 2014 Don McKellar's pre-apocalyptic sci-fi film, Last Night (Canada/France, 1998), ends with two characters, strangers before they knew the world would end at midnight, deciding not to shoot each other in the head, but rather to go … Continue reading Film review: Velociraptor

film response: After Earth

Originally published on Letterboxd, predictably with no likes. Watched for the second time on September 16, 2013. Jaden's subsequent experimentation with gender presentation makes my take on After Earth even more credible. Most of the negative reviews of this film, and some of the few positive ones, focus on a handful of "issues": its being … Continue reading film response: After Earth

two film notes: Viharsarok

Viharsarok (Land of Storms) Directed by Ádám Császi 105 min, Hungary | Germany, 2014 First note: I was engaged for the first third of this Hungarian/German GTM about a Hungarian teen who plays football for a German school or team (the details here weren't made clear), but has a fight with a teammate in the shower, as … Continue reading two film notes: Viharsarok

Frequently Asked Question: What the hell is a “gay movie” anyway?

After reading BFI's LGBT list, responding to it, and running up against some of the contradictions and assumptions in the conceptualizations of both, I think it's about time I answered one question, at least for the purpose of this blog, and at least for myself: what is a gay movie? If you've read my own list of significant … Continue reading Frequently Asked Question: What the hell is a “gay movie” anyway?

film note: In the Family

Originally published on Letterboxd, with no likes. In the Family Written and directed by Patrick Wang USA, 2011 Patrick Wang's moving 3-hour film uses long takes that depict everyday life, work and struggle in a way that reveals characters and their relationships, and also excavates the politics that surrounds them and determines their choices as … Continue reading film note: In the Family

film note: J’embrasse pas

In this minor masterpiece from 1991, André Téchiné tells the story of a pretentious, shit-heel country boy who moves to Paris to become an actor, only to discover he's terrible at acting, even the social kind; who falls into bed with an older woman who worships and supports him for the most generic of reasons; … Continue reading film note: J’embrasse pas

film note: Stand By Me

Stand By Me Directed by Rob Reiner USA, 1986 I wrote my senior thesis about this film, using Kaja Silverman's The Subject of Semiotics, Jessica Benjamin's The Bonds of Love, and Eve Sedgwick's The Epistemology of the Closet. I tried to trace the ideological deformations, diversions and evasions occasioned by adapting Stephen King's novella, The … Continue reading film note: Stand By Me

film note: Six Pack or: Bonding, The Whole Deal.   Six Pack Written and Directed by Chucho E. Quintero Mexico, 2011 I confess I've never made it all the way through Kevin Smith's Clerks, although I queued it up the other day for one more try. But it's not hard to see Smith's influence on Chucho E. Quintero's Six Pack, a low-fi, off-the-cuff, mostly black … Continue reading film note: Six Pack or: Bonding, The Whole Deal.